Monarch Butterflies

I just recently went on a caterpillar hunt in Circleville, UT and now we have 6 monarch caterpillars that are starting to go through metamorphosis and turn into chrysalises in our science classroom. If your kids want to drop by the downstairs science classroom, the little fellas will be in a clear tupperware over by the window if they want to get a peek. When they emerge as butterflies, we will let their wings dry out and then set them free. I don’t know which day or class it will happen. I hope you will come watch this amazing transformation.



Fun facts about Monarch Butterflies

  1. A Monarch’s bright colors tell predators “Warning- don’t eat me! I’m poisonous”
  2. They undertake one of the largest migrations for their size in the animal kingdom – around 2000 miles down to Central Mexico
  3. The females come all the way back to lay their eggs in the North
  4. They only eat milkweed
  5. The entire metamorphoses takes about one month. From egg- to caterpillar- to chrysalis- to Butterfly
  6. The butterflies fly about 22 miles a day
  7. Because of logging in Mexico and pesticide use, the monarch butterfly’s population is shrinking.
  8. You can help by planting milkweed in your yard and growing your own monarch butterfly farm and protect them from predators.

Visit here for more information or here.